Professional Video SSD Drives for Blackmagic Hardware

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DIGISTOR's SSD drives facilitate high-end video capture. What SSD drives work with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera? DIGISTOR has designed the best SSD Drives for Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, and holds certification for SSD based Blackmagic Hardware.

Blackmagic Design Certified SSD Drives Digistor

For professional videographers, production companies and high-end video enthusiasts, capturing the highest quality video possible is absolutely paramount. Only DIGISTOR's line of Blackmagic-certified SSD drives can provide the range of functionality needed to ensure the best picture quality. As any professional videographer, photographer or video producer can attest, public expectations regarding picture quality have increased immensely over the past decade. With more readily available technology capable of capturing crystalline images, clients and audience members alike have become more discerning regarding image quality. Now more than ever, video professions must prioritize picture clarity and ensure that their hardware is up to the task of achieving high-quality imaging.

High-end Blackmagic cameras require SSD support
One of the most reliable video camera suites available today is the Blackmagic Design product line. Comprised of solutions such as the Cinema Camera, HyperDeck Studio and HyperDeck Shuttle, Blackmagic technology can provide videographers and producers with the tools needed to produce professional-grade digital video. To achieve the full benefits of these resources, however, users will need to incorporate an equally superb solid state drive. A lightning-fast SSD will allow users to record uncompressed video and edit content straight from the disk, helping professional media experts generate the best looking images possible. Although there are a number of off-the-shelf devices available on the market today and some are even currently certified for Blackmagic use, DIGISTOR's solid state technology has been specifically designed for professional video capturing, representing the best SSD for Blackmagic applications. Compatible with Blackmagic's exFAT format straight out of the box, DIGISTOR SSD drives can be deployed immediately without any headache-inducing set up.

DIGISTOR provides the most reliable SSD for video
Even with Blackmagic Design's array of products, capturing the highest quality video possible is no easy feat. The strain of processing uncompressed video capture workloads is too much for the average SSD to bear. Users may find that even some solid state drives certified for use with Blackmagic products cannot provide the performance required for their professional video operations after time because the manufacturer's firmware may cause compatibility issues. Because DIGISTOR SSD solutions have been custom-built to capture 2.5K uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit video, media professionals are unlikely to find a more responsive and high-performing solid state device on the market. The DIGISTOR solid state drives also hold certification for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, capturing high quality Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)™.

Ensuring long-term viability
Drive over-provisioning extends the life of an SSD drive by allocating a percentage of the drive’s total storage capacity to manage and replace worn memory blocks. This is the standard employed by our development team to ensure the highest level of quality and life. Advanced error correction technology supports the detection and correction of writing errors from electrical or magnetic interference

Data Reliability
Whether creating material for weddings, marketing campaigns or artistic pursuits, video professionals depend on the ability to produce high quality content with crystal-clear image clarity. To ensure that high-end Blackmagic Design products are operating at their full potential, users should employ DIGISTOR's Professional Series SSD. Professionals recognize the value of a strong solution that lasts for years and purchase their equipment with a long-term investment in mind. Because DIGISTOR's SSD drives have low performance degradation and extended erase/write cycles, users can be sure that their storage devices will continue to operate for years to come. Off-the-shelf solid state equipment might be approved for Blackmagic technology today, but NAND and firmware changes could render them incompatible in the near future. Specifically designed for raw uncompressed video capture, DIGISTOR's Professional Series SSD maintains consistency in certified NAND functionality, ensuring that configurations will remain compatible with Blackmagic hardware down the road.

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